Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sweetlips: Sweet or Greasy Lips?

Seafood Box: Fish & Chips, Battered Scallops, Calamari Rings and Prawns on Skewers
 With a name like Sweetlips, one may be mistaken to think that they offer sweets rather than good ol' fish and chips. I had tried Sweetlips at the Leederville outlet before and I knew the quality was pretty good. So when a daily deal website offered vouchers for Sweetlips, the card made its appearance and the vouchers showed up in my email inbox.

Sweetlips Fremantle
It was a cold winter evening that my family and I decided to head down to Sweetlips at Fremantle to redeem our vouchers. One voucher entitled us to two sets of fish and chips, two battered scallops and prawns, three battered calamari rings and chips. It also comes with your choice of sauce to share. All that for $10- what a steal!

Sweetlips Fremantle Winter Trading Hours for 2013
When we arrived, we were promptly informed that the shop was closing as the people at Sweetlips pointed to the sign displaying their winter trading hours. "Bummer," I thought since it was 6.54pm when we arrived. However, the good people at Sweetlips offered to cook us our meal to takeaway. I won't lie, I did a little war dance there and my head.

Your choice of tartare, tomato, sweet chilli aioli, wasabi mayo or aioli.
We were handed a buzzer and we didn't have long to wait. Soon, we had four boxes of freshly fried goodies and containers of sweet chilli aioli and tartare sauce.

As we drove home (well, only Dad drove), the naughty passengers could not resist the tempting smell of fried food. My sister and I munched on the fried chips that were steaming hot. We did not ask for salt and vinegar for fear that our food will arrive home soggy so our fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Though the chips were a little bland without any salt or sauce, they were still good on their own!

Dad couldn't resist the smell and the sounds of us munching our chips. It is hard to resist freshly fried food! He asked for a box of food to snack on and Mum, who scolded us for impatience at first, joined in our little driving home feast.

The only box which reached home in one piece though it is a bit squashed...
My nearly chip-free box.

 When I arrived home, my box was nearly empty of its chips. It wasn't a long ride home so our food still remained hot and crispy. The batter was light and crispy, unlike the heavy sodden ones. The battered food did not ooze out with oil and the seafood was fresh though I cannot say the same for the scallops (I reckon they were frozen ones). Despite my suspicion, the scallops were plump, tender and nicely cooked. The calamari rings were tender (unlike places which serve rubber bands instead) while the crisp coating provided a nice textural contrast. The flaky and beautifully cooked fish inside the crisp and light batter also makes Sweetlips one of the better fish and chips places in town. The sauces were a tad weak compared to my memories of the sauces at Sweetlips Leederville but the sauces still complemented our food pretty well.

Though our food was good, I got a wee bit uncomfortable towards the end as my arteries started protesting. I am not accustomed to eating so much fried food so I reluctantly removed the batter around the rest of my fried fish. It might seem strange but I ended my meal with hot cups of green tea to wash down the greasiness of my fried meal and my lips felt pretty "moisturized" the entire night.

I won't be eating fish and chips for awhile but this is a meal to remember.

What do you drink in accompaniment to fish and chips? Is it strange to drink green tea after eating fish and chips?

Sweetlips Fish & Chips Fremantle
Winter Trading Hours: Monday- Thursday (9am- 7pm), Friday & Saturday (9am-8pm), Sunday (9am-7.30pm)
Address: Unit 8, 47 Mews Road, Fremantle WA 6160
Phone: (08) 94306902

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